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Boundary Surveying

A boundary survey is a process carried out to determine property lines and define true property corners of a parcel of land described in a deed. It also indicates the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations.

Easements may include a utility line easement crossing the subject property to a neighboring property or appurtenant like the right to cross another property for access to a public road.

Boundary surveys are an important procedure for anyone buying a property of any type. They are typically performed prior to buying, subdividing, improving or building on land. Surveying the parcel before these activities ensures avoidance of future disputes, the expense and frustration of defending a lawsuit, moving a building, or resolving a boundary problem.

FEMA Elevation Certificate Services

A flood elevation certificate is prepared by a licensed surveyor and includes comprehensive information relative to a property’s elevation to determine if it is below or above the base flood elevation. This data helps to suitably rate flood-prone properties for flood insurance eligibility. If your property/structure is situated in a flood zone, you should seriously consider obtaining a FEMA elevation certificate.

Matt Dhority, RLS offers reliable, professional, and compliant elevation certificate documentation. We fully understand the important relationship between flood insurance expenses and elevation data. So, you can count on Matt Dhority, RLS to:

  • Collect comprehensive elevation information using latest methods.
  • Properly fill out the FEMA elevation certificate form.
  • Fully assist you during application filing process.

Land Partitioning / Platting

Subdivision platting is the process of splitting one larger piece of land into several smaller parcels of land and drawing a map (or plat) of the new subdivision, often for the purpose of selling off the parcels individually. These lots of land are frequently built upon before being sold, often by the same home builder, which is why many homes within a subdivision have a similar look.

Matt Dhority, RLS has the knowledge and expertise to create a subdivision plat that suits your needs while complying with local regulations.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

An ALTA survey is generally required to be provided along with other documents while undertaking a commercial real estate transaction and is often used as part of the Title Certificate application and/or insurance.

Matt Dhority, RLS is fully licensed in Tennessee and Kentucky and provides Land Title surveys and other survey and mapping services to residents and businesses of both states.

Topographic Surveying

A topographic survey determines the location of natural and man-made features (such as buildings, improvements, fences, land contours, trees, streams, etc.) of the land along with its elevations. This type of survey may be required by a government agency but it is mostly used by engineers and/or architects for the design of improvements or developments on a site.

In other words, a topographic survey or contour survey provides you with the exact figures of the size, height, position of the different changes that have occurred in course of time with regard to their presence of their natural existence. Sometimes, these surveys are also used for the formulation of an optimal plan for drainage, ditches, grading and other features.

Construction Surveying

When constructing highways, roads, bridges, buildings, and other construction projects, construction surveying is required to establish the major features of the land’s surface that might affect the upcoming construction. The process aims to lay out calculated survey points on the construction ground as a guide for building site improvements derived from plans prepared by design professionals.

Construction surveying can be of different types such as for:

  • A single house or individual homeowner
  • Staking a network of streets utilities and roads for multi-unit commercial and residential subdivisions
  • Laying out large, complicated, multistory building sites
  • Establish the position and alignment of bridges, highways, pipes, buildings, and other man-made objects.

As-Built Surveying

After project completion, an “as-built” survey is done to identify any modifications during construction.

“As-built” surveys are performed to (1) determine the vertical and horizontal location of points as constructed on the site and (2) to determine how much work has been accomplished up to a given date.